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Return of the Mod
by comiconmod100 (comiconmod100)
at May 14th, 2007 (02:09 pm)

My appologies for being gone for so long. My co-mod did warn me that she would have to drop the position and I'm afraid that with everything else that has been going on in my life I'd all but forgotten about this place.

Everyone wave a sad fairwell to cynicaldreamer. She was a wonderful mod who put up with much shit from me and my random disappreances.

That being said, I am back and have time to devote to this place once again. Claims are open and if you've been waiting a while to be approved, again, I'm very sorry for the delay.

All but the most recent claims have been removed from the Claims List due to inactivity. If you do not find your claim on the list but have been previously approved please leave a comment. Remember, you must make your first post within two weeks (a post, even if all it does is ask for an extention) and make an icon post at least once every two months.

Things I Finally Got Done:
Claims Approved
Memories/Archive Updated
Hall of Fame Updated

Things That Need to be Done:
Make Completed Claim Banners

The banners will be completed within the next few days. Banner are given on the last post of a claim, but if I forget leave a comment in the Hall of Fame post.

Also, if anyone would like to become a co-mod of this community (and run the risk of being the only mod for random months at a time, I really don't mean to disappear, but most of the time it's unavoidable) please drop me a note at sldrgrl85@hotmail.com or on AIM at TheLadyEmma1603.

Thank you

Emma, _thelady_