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Welcome to comicicons100, the first Icon Challenge community for comics. This works the same as other challenge communities like iconfiend100 and icons100. If you are insane enough to join the rest of us, please, read on.

Claims Post / FAQ / Hall of Fame / Archive

How to Join:
1. First, you must join the community. Then comment in the request thread to get your claim. Be sure to include the following in your comment:

Name of series: Self-explanatory
Name of Character/Pairing: If your claim has multiple names, use the ‘official’ name. (The one most likely to be on a birth certificate.) If you’re claiming a Pairing, list the female one first. (Or in the case of a slash pairing, the effeminate one.)
Name: The name of the journal you will be using.

2. Once you’ve been approved, you may start posting icons. For the sake of keeping peoples’ f-lists uncluttered, please have at least eight icons for each post. Put your icons under an lj-cut. In each post, include the following information:

Subject: The name of your series or claim. Ex. 'X-Men: General' or 'Batman: Tim Drake'
Number: What batch, and how many icons. Ex. 'Batch One, 23/100'
Themes: What themes are in your post.
Comments: Any other comments or credits.

3. 50 of the icons will be themed, and 50 are Artist’s Choice. The themes are as follows:

01. Love
02. Soft
03. Sunlight
04. Hope
05. Alone
06. Rain
07. Destiny
08. Night
09. Beginning
10. Kiss
11. Hug
12. Everything
13. Right
14. Wrong
15. Tears
16. Hush
17. Candy
18. Yummy
19. Evil
20. Dark
21. Light
22. Villain
23. Hero
24. Save me
25. Innocence
26. Lost
27. Color
28. Blue
29. Red
30. White
31. Black
32. Fancy
33. Summer
34. Winter
35. Smile
36. Fire
37. Ice
38. Why
39. Companionship
40. Time
41. Magical
42. Cold
43. Solid
44. Bliss
45. Regret
46. Reminisce
47. Power
48. Music
49. Sweet
50. Forever

We’re not going monitor to make sure you follow the themes to our liking. So, you’re free to interpret the themes as you see fit, but do try to stick to them as close as possible.

The Rules:

Members can claim a General Comic, one character, a pairing, a group, or an artist. Pairings do not need to be romantic couples, but all icons of a pairing must have both characters in each icon. Claims of Groups must be of a recognized group, such as ‘The Hellions’, and not ‘all the villains from (whatever).’ Claims of a group must have a character from the group in each icon, but not necessarily the entire group.

For claims of an artists, you may choose an artists or artist team and up to two series or three mini-series. Please claim an artists with the followin format:
Name of Artist or Team: Put the name of the Artist here
Name of Series: Put the name of the series(es) here
Name: The name of the journal you will be using

Slash pairing and non-canon ships are allowed. Go nuts.

Only one person claim a subject at a time. Once you’ve been accepted, you have two weeks to make your first post before the claim is open again. Once that happens, you may re-claim the subject if you wish and if no one else is waiting for it. Finished claims also return to being ‘open.’

This community is only for comic books or comic strips. For manga/manhwa, apply at iconfiend100 and for cartoons/TV shows/movies, apply at icons100.

Comic scans, official art, and fan art are all acceptable for icons. If you use fan art, be sure to get permission from the artist and give due credit. Images of shows or movies based on your chosen comic are not allowed.

Any icons above a PG rating should be behind the lj-cut and accompanied by a warning.

There is no time limit, but if you are inactive for more than one month, your claim will be considered ‘open’ again. You may ask us to put a ‘hold’ on your claim if you know you will be unable to post for a while.

If you don’t know how to make icons, try visiting icon_tutorial

Have fun!

Code the those fancy charts:

Preview is here.


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AIM: TheLadyEmma1603

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